• Laboratory Three-roll mill

    Laboratory Three-roll mill
    It is applied to the industry of paint, ink, paint, plastics, food and other liquid slurry.
     Working principle
    Three rollers works squeeze with each other, and the materials are grinded into the minimum fineness.



    • S65 with special materials (GCr15)
    • High strength, high surface hardness and wear resistance
    • It is a cooling device to ensure continuous operation.
    • It is used for viscosity materials
    • The maximum processing fineness usually reach around 3 ~ 8μm (measured with a fine degree of board).
    • The roller adapts special materials (GCr15),With close crystalline phase, and high strength,Guarantee continuous.

    Technical parameter

    AREA OF ROLLER 128mm
    SPEED rpm SLOW  26
    MIDDLE 70
    FAST 145
    MOTOR 0.75/KW 1400rpm
    RATE 1:2.3:5.5
    DIMENSION L*W*H 450x400x430 mm
    WEIGHT 78kg

    The machine is customizable.As we manufacture non-standard equipments, please send us the specific inquirement when you make a inquiry. Thanks for your understanding!
    Inquiry:(If immediate response needed, please call (86-28-62812181) or send e-mail to kf@yonton.com)
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