• Experimental emulsifier

    Experimental emulsifier
    Laboratory high shear emulsifying machine is mainly used for asphalt emulsion, also can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, petrochemical, petroleum, coating, printing and dyeing, papermaking, polyurethane, adhesives etc of emulsified experiment.
     Working principle
    The high linear velocity (generated at the high speed rotating rotor of the High-shear Homogenizing Emulsifier) and strong kinetic energy (generated by the high frequency mechanical effect) put the materials under comprehensive action such as strong shearing, centrifugal extrusion, hydraulic friction, crash etc between the precision gap of the stator and rotor. As the result, the solid phase, liquid phase and gas phase which is insoluble at beginning will prompt evenly dispersed and emulsified after adopting mature production processing and proper quantity additives. After high-frequency circulation, stable materials with high quality are obtained in a short time.



    High Shear Dispersion and Homogenization can be seen as a process in which two or several phases are mixed efficiently together under intense centrifugal extrusion, whereas under normal conditions they are not miscible. The high speed rotation of the rotor sucks materials into the narrow gap between the stator and rotor, where they are subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear. Materials are rapidly mixed, dispersed, emulsified and homogenized, resulting in efficient size reduction and uniform, constant final products.

     Main Features

    1. Its strong torque motor is suitable for high viscous materials. Several work heads for different processing capacity and different products.
    2. It is designed for lab small batch emulsifying, homogenizing and dispersing, light and convenient. High tip speed, various speed controls can meet the high requirements of emulsifying, homogenizing and dispersing experiments.
    3. It can be in safe operation for a long time. It is easy to clean and to maintain.

    Power Supply: 220V, 50/60Hz

    Power: 450W

    Speed Adjustment: 0-12000rpm, digital speed display, various speed control.

    Materials: The part contacting with materials is SS304 or SS316L.

    Work head: Standard Configuration (With another three stators and a spanner.)

    Stand/Base Seat: Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel(Standard Configuration)

    Height Adjustment: Manual Lifting

    Package: Standard Package (Carbon Package)

    Weight: 15kg (Package Shape Size: 650(L)×410(W)×170(H)mm)

    Remarks: *The above listed Max. processing capacity is calculated as per water as medium.
    *The above data and picture is subject to change without notice. The accurate parameter should be subject to the object


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