• Kettles/Reaction Pot

    Reactors are usually work  under pressure, it belongsto special equipment. Reaction vessel is a container used as a chemical reaction.Generally, we design the kettle according to the reaction medium and reaction conditions such as temperature and pressure.反應釜通常為帶壓容器,反應釜生產廠家需要有壓力容器制造資質

    The selection of the basic reaction vessel contains the following elements:

    • Seal: mechanical seal, packing seal, oil seals and other seals
    • Type: up and down round head, single, with jacket, outer coil
    • Rank: 1 Class pressure vessels, second-class low-pressure vessels, second-class medium-pressure containers, pressure vessels
    • Material: SUS304, SUS321, SUS316L, Q235-A
    • Heating: Hot water heating, steam heating, electric heat-conducting oil heating, far infrared heat resistance
    • Mixing: anchor-type, plasma type, turbine type, push, or box-type
    • Vacuum: Vacuum ≤ -0.08 m pa
    • Volume: 100L-10000L


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