• Paint Device

    The select of grinding machine and dispersing machine plays a very important role in caoting/painting peoduction process. The machines affect the effect of finished  materials, the paint performance, inclusind tinting strength, hiding power, and weatherability,   and performance of paint coating fluid. Therefore, a good choice of machines is an important link can not be ignored.

    Chengdu YongTong Machinery Company is a senior manufacturers of paint coating equipment, we have been putting more effort on technology development and design and manufacturing in coating/painting field. We can complish the whole process of emulsifying, dispersing, grinding, refining, cooling, filtering, automatics vacuum suction and filling. we supply not only the single machines and complete plant for coating, and emulsifying. we sincerely cooperate with industries of paiting, coating, ink, construction, ink, diessel, pharmacy, cosmetics, etc.

    we welcome friends home and abroad!

    Cooperate with Yontong, you have got yoour half success!

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